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Save money. Give your pet the flea or worm treatment they deserve for as little as £4 a month with free delivery. The longer you subscribe, the more you save!.

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  • The answer is no. Read the manufacturer's instructions. Wait for the time mentioned and let the medication work to produce results. It is usually 30 days before re-application. Or, if you want to reapply, rinse your pet with a shampoo that drains off all the skin oils and then apply after 24 hours. Oral flea and tick medicine for cats is a great way to get rid of the pesky fleas that live in your cat’s fur. If Best Oral Flea And Tick Medicine For Cats Read More ».

    Monthly oral flea treatment for cats

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    Product Overview. 2 In 1 Monthly Oral Flea Control Capsules for Medium and Large Dogs is an excellent, fast-acting and long-lasting flea control product for medium and large dogs. This product contains 410 mg Lufenuron and 60 mg Nitenpyram per capsule. Quickly kills adult fleas, larvae and eggs, effectively destroying the flea population for.